Wednesday, September 25, 2013

all good things

A new season is upon us, folks. The crisper air and titian tint to the leaves brings a whole new adventure for us. And although we have the alluring charm of fall to look forward to, the lingering warmth up my sleeves reminds me of the wondrous months that have settled behind me. I can't help but think back to the beautiful things that took place over the course of spring and summer. God has taught me more than I thought my heart could handle, and he has displayed a painting before me filled with colors I didn't think were possible. His goodness has been unveiled in such an overwhelming and graceful way, that I find myself seeing his creation as nothing but magnificent. But I think that this seasonal change is something that we all need in order to reevaluate our hearts, and rediscover the purest source of beauty. It's safe to say that we all yearn to go back and play under the endless summer sun without the restriction of a schedule, but I'm quickly learning that there is nothing sweeter than being forced by the earlier set of the sun to burrow ourselves, and sink into the delights of what the colder months will bring.

One thing that I've been undoubtedly learning is just how important it is to be in presence of true company. The eloquent and idyllic picture of a lavish dinner table with filled chairs is definitely a dream that I often think about. But more than that, there is something even more beautiful about not just the laughs and smiles that being in community brings, but also the natural struggles we contribute as well. Ideally, the perfect picture we often look towards is the one where people are smiling around a dinner table, but in reality - we are still people. We are different and we want different things. We have conflicting personalities, we don't share the same morals, and we don't always get along... even if we are sharing a common meal between one another. The closer we get to one another, the more of ourselves are revealed. And more we are revealed to others, the deeper they can see into our dirty souls. But there is something so idyllic about walking to a door with dirty shoes, slipping them off, leaving them at them outside, and dining together as one . I think this is what Jesus has been asking of us all along. He doesn't care about the filth we bring to the table, but only that we leave it at the door, and dine with him as a child and as a friend.

So as the autumn mist sneaks around us, and the smoky chimney calls us home, let's not forget about the whole new adventure that awaits for us. Whether it's finding a nook to open some pages and once again, re-find what makes us whole - or exploring something inside or out - we can all endeavor through this change together. Summer may bring the attitude of freeing your spirit and spontaneity, but fall can bring intentionality and purpose. It can challenge us to buckle our straps, start the fire, and find serenity in stillness. And it can also allure us into seeking new and unfamiliar territory. So let us take on this new adventure as adventure in itself. Let's live a life knowing that it's the most precious gift given to us. Let's gather the wood, leave our shoes at the door, and embark on this autumn together.

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