Thursday, November 22, 2012

half dome

(i know this was a while ago, but it was just such an adventurous day i couldn't pass up the opportunity to share)
4 am: the journey begins
6 am: arrive at the base of the half dome
6: 15 am-get a call from mom saying that sister is in labor in florida.
 "dad, andrew and i are about to climb half dome," I reply
" you guys are climbing half dome, i'm in san francisco, phillip's in the air, and meagan's having a baby"
"good luck," i say. "good luck," she says.
typical Gibson fashion
6:30 am- my shoes bless me with blisters the size of the Texas
11 am- dad says, " let's turn back, you're blisters are causing you too much pain."
i say heck no techno and tell him he is crazy. we proceed. 
11: 45 am- we climb the stair way of death.  take note of the second set of pictures. above our heads... those are humans beings. i think they look like ants.
12 noon- we summit. dad doesn't have signal, but persistently asks everyone else on top of half dome if he can borrow their phones to call sister because, well... at this point he's a grandpa and he can do whatever he wants.
" i'm a grandpa," he tells everyone we pass on the way up.
6 pm- we arrive at base once again.
the end.

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