Wednesday, July 18, 2012

that one time

if you have ever gotten to know my family, you quickly discover that we are completely dysfunctional. as individuals we have are our own issues, but as a whole we lack the ability to remember simple things that people just aren't supposed to forget. i'm lucky because i have never really experienced this problem in a significant way. but these past few days feels like i have taken what i was supposed to forget/lose in the past sixteen years and mushed it up into one big disaster.
we were on our way from denver to barcelona, with a layover in miami. about five minutes before boarding the plane from miami to barcelona i realized that i forgot my passport in the back pocket seat from the denver to miami flight. in a panic, my mom and i rushed to our previous gate only to find out that the plane was on its way to venezuala. so here we are, talking to the costumer service worker, when i then realize that i can't find the ipad. it's not a simple thing to lose, but of course i seemed to have forgotten it on the chair at the gate when we ran to find my passport. is it really that ridiculous that i wasn't thinking about the ipad when i found out that my passport was missing? don't answer that.
anyways, the next day was filled with tears and racing hearts. with our bags already in barcelona, we spent nine hours in line at the passport agency in miami, crossing our fingers that we could get one within 24 hours. may i also add that four of those hours were spent stuck with almost two hundred other people in the basement of a parking garage, with no air conditioning in the miami heat. i will spare the controversy when talking about how the police treated us, but i will say that i am never, ever going back to miami. 48 hours later we made it out of that horrible, horrible place called the government agency...with a new passport. i will say that i'm not the biggest crier, but i have never shed so many tears than in that line. as a side note, throughout all of this i also lost my mom's iphone... but it was found. sighhh.
we finally got to barcelona, then from istanbul to uganda. another side note, how does an airline switch up the bags for a whole plane?? we arrive to uganda to find out that only two or three people on the whole plane got their baggage. t.i.a.
annddd about an hour ago i was walking from an apartment where we slept last night to the guest house when i realized that i had dropped my passport on the side of the road somewhere in between.
i know.
but i retraced my steps and found it right on the curb. praises!
my passport never showed up. it's probably somewhere in venezuala...
it's a gibson thing
anywayyysss.... all that being said, we had a blast picking up my friend in barcelona and then in istanbul. i fall more and more in love with europe every time a go there. maybe it's the history, or maybe because i love food with all my heart and so do they. with all of the losses and forgetfulness on my part, things are all well here in uganda. it's all usually just stuff in the end anyway. i'm thankful to be surrounded by amazing people in such an amazing place. updates to come!

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