Thursday, July 26, 2012

one afternoon

on sunday the team was able to spend the day with their sponsored kid. they went to a nice and lonngg ugandan church service then on a boat tour on the nile river. it was bliss. we ended up stopping at a small fishing village and were able to walk around and play with some of the kids. it's safe to say that the team was really impacted by the darkness surrounding them. they left with heavy hearts as they saw the contrast between the children who aren't able to go to school versus the sponsored children who are. 
although they might live a similar lifestyle, the kids in this fishing village aren't able to receive education, medical care, and in some cases, love. 
but like always, the smiling faces from the kids gave hope to the team. hope that maybe they were able to lighten up a child's day and peace that the children were able to lighten up theirs. 
the day was definitely of rest.

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