Friday, July 20, 2012


so as you can tell, these past couple of days have been quite a whirlwind. on our way to uganda we got the chance to have a day layover in istanbul... and it was beautiful! all i can say is that a day is not even close to enough time in that city. first we went to the grand bazaar, a huge local market with everything colorful. who ever made the expression "lost in harrods" has clearly never been to this market. it was a beautiful maze filled with rugs, fabrics, lamps, jewelry, turkish delight and sooo muuchh baklava.... it was splendid. we then headed to the underground baths called the basilica cistern and then to the two most amazing mosques i have ever been laid eyes on, the hagai sofia and sultan ahmed. 
it was hot and sweaty and gorgeous all at the same time.
here is the stand for the most amazing street bread called simit. thanks seddon for enlightening me on this wonderful gift to mankind. also, if you're ever in istanbul, drink their sour cherry juice. it's nectar from the gods.

going into the blue mosque, we had to cover our legs and shoulders. i was thinking-God knows why-that the sticky air would disappear once inside a highly visited, sacred tourist attraction. but to my dismay, i was all kinds of wrong. let me tell you. it was a sweaty mess.

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