Thursday, July 19, 2012

back in uganda

yesterday was the first full day in uganda! 
the team is here and getting used to the ugandan lifestyle pretty quickly... psh, tourists. 
we went to amani and loved on babies for four hours and helped build onto their new home. it was really amazing to see the joy from the team and from the kids. a girl at my camp once told me that happiness comes from cirmumstance, but joy comes from the Lord, and the only way i can explain our day was joy. joy that came from reading a book or getting a kiss. it's the joy that is new to most from the united states, but quickly noticed once in this country. a joy that emerges from such a dark and hopeless place, yet every ugandan child is filled with it. i miss it... this joy that is so simple and so compelling at the same time. you don't get it in the united states as much you do here. 
these past two days i have been shown a glimpse this and i have a feeling it's going to be evident for the next two weeks. i hope i can share a small piece of this joy with ya'll over seas. 

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