Friday, May 25, 2012

soul food for the soul

for some reason, better than not, i've really been missing the south lately. i can't explain my problem with always wanting to travel no matter the time of day, but i can explain why i am so desperately wanting to wear cowboy boots and pearl earrings without question, catch fireflies and drink sweat tea, eat chick-fil-a and more. i did a little pondering in english class today and realized that a contributing factor to this desire is this whole summer thing that's coming up. i don't know what it is about summer in the south (humid and all), but it's so romantic to me. the sweet peach pies to the afternoon thunderstorms...hmm i love me a good thunderstorm. the use of ya'll. (again, without question. i am in full support of this word. it's quick and easy i'll fight anyone who says otherwise.)
anyways, all that being said, i decided to cook us up a good ol' hearty meal for the pops and i. for another strange reason i've been cravvinnnggg pulled pork. who am i kidding...this craving should never be strange. 
sooooo last night's dinner called for pulled pork sandwiches and mac and cheese. who needs a good bathing suit season when you can meat, cheese and carbs?! don't answer that. 

pioneerwoman's mac and cheese ( follow everything this woman says. she knows her stuff)
bbq pulled pork
tea (unsweetened sadly)

happy memorial weekend everyone! eat well and cheaply. drink well and cheaply. and be outside as much as possible with really cool people that you love. 

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