Sunday, April 1, 2012

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Well I think we can all collectively agree here that i have been disconnected from this whole blogging world lately. As much as I wish to blog about my daily thoughts, sometimes I let me mind go elsewhere, like spending timeless hours on pinterest and subscribed blogs. I am so.guilty.
But the other night my brother and I were talking about how we don't have enough time to do things that we really want to do anymore...which makes me really sad. For intense, I couldn't tell you how long its been since i've picked up a book to read. I find it a little ironic because I am so influenced by everything school-related that I need to read more and use electronics less. And also, I want to crochet so bad! I bought the yarn and the needle, but only spend about ten minutes tying my fingers in knots. 
Sometimes I day dream about my ideal life where I spend hours on end crocheting, speaking french, and reading novels. When i'm not doing those things i'm gardening/cooking, making music, hiking, or discussing the literally parallels between historical events and modern society with super intellectual people. 
These are my thoughts, ya'll. reallyyy special.

So what i'm really doing these days is not necessarily a reflection of what i'd like to be doing. But I guess you make the best of what you've got, right?
so, lately i've been:

listening to: NEEDTOBREATHE. I'm totally obsessed with this band. They are soul, southern, rock, and hip... the power combination

birdy. It baffles me that this girl is only fifteen years old and still has braces... so fierce. 
I aspire to be her when I grow up

watching: new girl. So I was a little sceptical about this show when it first came on because lets just be honest here... it was weird. It was really weird. She was really weird almost to the point where it was uncomfortable to watch. But I had hopes for the show so I kept watching. And it totally came through. This may be a bold statement, but it might actually be one of my favorite shows I have ever watched, ever. maybe. 

The Hunger Games.
Okayyyy so I have many feelings about this one. Whenever I even hear "the hunger games" I get too excited to even speak words. I try to talk my feelings out but it always just comes out as gibberish...always. Therefore, I can't go into further detail about this one. But I will say one thing, if you have any feelings or topics of discussion about the book, come talk to me please. I could talk for hours about the political theories and disturbing, yet brilliant plot. 
Have I ever mentioned that I have cheap taste in books and a strong devotion to a good love triangle?

eating: Bonnie's Bread!

And monkey bread!(one of my guilty pleasures)
We've made two batches in the last forty-hours and I am so happy about it. With food like this, you've just got to put all worries away and enjoy every little bite. It works for me every time.

all things spring


Like I said before, I haven't had time to pick up a book of my choice in a while, but the one that i've been reading off and on has been quite a pleasure. It's the perfect consolidation between romance and food. And when I mean romance, I really mean with the food. 

Talk about the perfect combination! I cannot stop reading the endless articles of teen angst, advice, witty stories, and overall "fresh giggles." If you haven't already been on this website, I highly recommend taking a look, especially this article on ode to napping. It rocked my world.

Speaking of rocking worlds...

Can we just reflect upon how jubilant this picture looks!

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