Monday, March 26, 2012

mud run

so let me just start off by saying that my friends and i are very, very sore right now. lots of scrapes, bruises, and a half attached toe nail later i sit on the couch with a cup of tea and a many princess bandaids covering my body.
too much information? 
moving on! this saturday my friends and i drove down to monterey to participate in the 2012 mud run... quite exciting news because ya'll, this was so fun! and if you by chance hear about one where you live, i highly recommend you to running in it. the weekend affair began with a showing of the hunger games. and i'm not even going to talk about that movie because i could be writing for hours on my love for the characters, the strong facade of katniss, the parallels to modern political governments, the love triangle yata yata yata. i'm going to stop myself before i get consumed in my own rambling.
now, if i do say so myself, the timing was perfect. during the mud run i would catch myself speeding up because i felt like there was fire swallowing the trees behind me or sometimes i would just think in the mind of katniss everdeen. let me tell you... it made for a more motivating, or emotional, race. 

a series of very unfortunate events

                                    pre- race attire. the reason we wore white... i don't know. maybe it was a bad idea.

look at those faces
faces of champs

                 the muddy buddies everyone

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