Saturday, March 3, 2012

from me to you

dear san francisco, 
i love you
i love your weather and how you always seem to look pretty in spite of the rain or fog
i love your hipsters that ride their bikes to old coffee shops
i love your food. i mean, i reaaallllyyy love your food
i love your views, i really do. they're just so awesome i can't even take it some times
i love how people fly their kites and play frisbee on the presidio lawn
i love your museums 
i love your ferry building and farmers market on weekend mornings
and i'm just going to say it... i love your hills. they're a little absurd almost all of the time, but they give you character and pzazz, and i like that
so thank you san francsico. thanks for being so awesome. it means a lot to me. i'll see you soon!
love, c