Saturday, March 10, 2012

en route

while my mom is on the east coast, dad and i decided to go on a little (when i mean little, i mean really long. like really long. like 17 miles long bike ride.) before i go into any details, i just want to inform you that today was national naked biking day in san francisco
... so naturally my dad and i wanted to go biking the same day. 
just kidding
we went anyway and surprisingly saw zero nakedness. i'm actually quite surprised about this because san franciscans are extremely faithful to their city and the festivities inside. but there were no au naturel bikers in site. dad was very happy about that.
the ride was long and we are both very sore. but don't be fooled by the grey hair, pops went up those hills like a champ. i, on the other hand, may or may not have been heaving on the way up. i am alright though. i assure you i'm in an ideal state at the moment. i know you were sooooo worried about me while reading that sentence, but i am currently laying on the couch, watching you've got mail, eating toffee, and crocheting.
 like i said, i'm very very alright.

this is view from the start of the trek.

 more shots of the bridge. of course!


 i just wanted to point out that it was entirely my fault we didn't go the whole ten yards down the bridge. there's just something about a crowded, windy, high bridge on a bike that makes me feel pretty apprehensive. thus, we turned back midway and went on the journey, finishing our 4 hour ride right where we started.
like i said... very sore.

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