Friday, December 16, 2011

'tis the wedding weekend

so basically the only way i can explain charleston is that it feels like you are in a nicolas sparks novel. thats it. plain and simple. yesterday we went out for a bike ride on the beach when one of our chains fell off. we tried and tried but were never able to get it back on. but let me tell you one thing though, several cute boys passed us on the beach that afternoon... and not one of them came to help us. we batted our eyelashes and twirled our hair, but i guess none of them wanted to turned our situation into a nicolas sparks story. its okay though, meagan and emily doubled up on one bike in a more romantic way. and emily just informed me(about two seconds ago) that the notebook is going to be turned into a musical.... so its all right... i think its safe to say that everyone is over it by now. but don't they look so cute together?

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