Tuesday, December 13, 2011

quick update | wedding bells

the craziness of wedding planning, candle blowing, back healing, essay writing, and the packing and unpacking of my suitcase has swiftly knocked me off my feet these past couple of weeks.... months. on top of that my computer said its final goodbye to me last week when it never woke up from its slumber overnight. therefore, i've been having to get creative on how to do school and go through my unnecessary, yet daily, computer routines. but despite all of the mumbo jumbo in my life at the moment, i managed to find time to open birthday presents. it was a little risky, but some how it happened and now i have an iron skillet, magic bullet, anthro candle, measuring cups, and apron sitting beside me. weird 16th birthday presents... i understand your concern. my family is just preparing me to become the best house wife i can be. don't blame them, i'm fully aware of my fate. i knew i was heading down the path of becoming a lady who lunches when i walked into the mall and headed strait for the williams and sonoma. i've come to terms with it and now there's nothing i can really do but cook food with an apron on and eat salads with my girlfriends. its a lifestyle.

but i really did love and appreciate all of the birthday wishes. it was an amazing day spent with my family (minus one). we ate so much food i don't even know what to do with myself at this point... it was totally worth it though. i enjoyed every minute of the sweet sweet day.

but on another celebratory note, my sisters wedding is in t minus 4 days! let the wedding bells chime.

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