Tuesday, November 1, 2011


         i've been missing uganda so much it hurts.

       i miss going on safaris with the family

i miss little humphrey

i miss making food from scratch

i miss spice tours in zanzibar with these girls

i miss susan and jovan and their big eyes and bright faces

i miss four-wheeling by the nile

i miss having my hair done by ugandan girls

i miss ugandan's beauty and grace

i miss the ten minute time span that was with this beast of an animal

 i miss the way ugandans love 

i miss the way they smile

i can't even explain how much i miss bonnie. she loved me at seven in morning when i hadn't had breakfast yet and i loved her when she sang and danced to worship music while cooking. all day long. she has more love and compassion for her own children and to complete strangers than any other person i knew.

and i miss her bread

i miss sunday afternoons with these kids

i miss saturday nights dancing around the bonfire...

.... and sunday afternoon naps

i miss these three amazing girls and their cooking

i miss seeing my dad's love and forgiveness to every person he crossed paths with

i miss being with my awesome brothers and sister on christmas

catching our chicken...

...and eating it for dinner

i miss seeing my mom with the children. it was always inspiring to see her love towards them.

i miss caroline and josephine and their contagious smiles

i miss being with my sister and seeing her in her natural environment first hand 

i miss being with my brothers and laughing at them make a fool out of themselves in front of the kids. i'm pretty sure every ugandan thought they were the funniest white guys they ever met. i can't say i disagree, but they were great.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I love Uganda and its people...definitely a place that captures your heart. Amazing that your family shared it together. Many blessings to you,