Wednesday, November 16, 2011

he's back!

in uganda that is. my dad has made it safe and sound to good ol' jinja-town with only a minor cold. praises! according this picture, the staff had a welcome home party for him. if there is something to be celebrated in the children of grace compound, it is to be celebrated with songs, merriment, and lots of cake. them ugandans really know how to celebrate, ya'll.
unfortunately, he will be spending thanksgiving over on the african side of things while we head off to the colorado mountains. celebration! a nice snow storm will be welcoming us into the state and i couldn't be more excited. i'm a weather bug, so naturally i get on the weather channel every day to see if the numbers have changed......they haven't! and therefore, hot cocoa and bread on a stick will be our staple fire foods. 

tomorrow we depart for a 17 hour car ride......

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  1. We prayed for a safe journey back for him at church on Sunday, God's good!