Sunday, November 27, 2011


as i previously mentioned, half of my family and family to be bundled up in the colorado mountains over thanksgiving break. we missed our other half but gained a future family member! one step forward, two steps back. we did lots of by the fire activities and explorations too. but i think that my weather expectations were exceeded when i stepped outside in, what i thought was appropriate weather attire, and wanted to scream at the weather channel for not preparing me on the low temps. now i'm not dissing the weather channel for its one of my life long companions, but i do wish i would have known about the already three feet of snow on the ground. that being said though, we had a blast inside and out. 

              we did a little bit of frolicking through the forest. you know, Narnia type of stuff.

                                       and we threw some snowballs and made some snow angels.

and yesterday we drove to the bottom of, what we thought, was going to be a nice leisurely hike. but no, no my friends...this was far from it. we began out trek towards the hanging lakes(enchanting right?) when we saw a caution sign saying that the trail can be very difficult, and at some parts dangerous. but we turned our backs with our heads held high and walked forward. about fifteen minutes into the hike ice started to form on the trail. now, unfortunately i don't have any pictures of the hike because the caution sign was a legitimate caution sign and the hike quickly turned into an upward skating rink. this wasn't a regular joe hiking shoes type of hike.... i'm talking about having to wear spikes on the bottom of your shoes so you don't slip and break your leg type of hike. yes, we passed a woman being carried on a stretcher on the way down. and it wasn't by the time we got to the top that i realized i couldn't feel my toes. i blame the weather channel. BUT all this to be said, we did make it to the top and it was exceptionally excellent. the hanging lakes were well worth the falls and bruises and aches and sores. and all we had to do was sit on our butts and slide the whole way down. one step forward, two steps back.

and we saw a beaver. it was pretty neat.

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  1. glad to see my family who is so far away...there's no snow or ice in Uganda. love to everyone. Dad