Thursday, October 20, 2011

sex and money

when i was in uganda, i got to meet one of the girls who filmed this documentary and i think its safe to say that she threw me and everyone i was around in a whirl wind. after picking her brain for a while, we were all drained and inspired. but even after talking to her i still went home and did nothing about it... its amazing how that happens, isn't it?

but i think that they are people who are worth listening to. i mean, its crazy how america has gotten to be one of the top countries for prostitution. its dirty and disgusting and definitely something that not a lot of people, even modern day abolitionists want to get into. sometimes i can get so caught up in my own first world struggles, i forget how other people are living who are only blocks away. it gives me the chills thinking about whats happening right now to daughters, sisters, and mothers. there are so many massage parlors and strip clubs in the city that are so inconspicuous and under the surface- almost too far for my reach. sometimes i get too over whelmed with the idea and want to be "stupid and happy" in my own little world, where child prostitution and torture doesn't exist. but i think that God wants us to be uncomfortable. i think He wants us to be afflicted and tense about sin like this. it inspires me when i see people who are so disturbed  that they go into the pit of it and sit next to their brothers and sisters and listen to their stories. they put themselves right in the middle, go face to face with the devil, and start rolling their cameras. but if you're anything like me, you need inspiration and direction if you want to do something with the broken souls in this world. if you're anything like me, you need some hillsong to pump you up. just kidding. but not really.

and if you're anything like me, you need to watch a movie like sex and money to be lead and influenced. so all that being said, i'm really looking forward to seeing this documentary and think ya'll should see the screening if its near you. i completely forgot about it until now that the tour was coming to california in december. if your around i strongly recommend going to see it. i have a feeling its going to portray something very powerful.

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