Saturday, October 8, 2011

fallish frenzies

yesterday i went on one of those fall frenzies and decided to bake some cinnamon swirl bread. this bread was one of the first things i made in uganda, and oh boy, was it good. its basically bonnie's bread recipe but before you put the dough in the two pans, you role it out and spread however much softened butter, sugar, brown sugar and cinnamon you want on it. in my case, it was a lot. then role it up and place into the pans for a second rising. ya'll, this stuff is good. but i can only give credit to the good ol' pioneer woman. she never lets me down when it comes to extremely buttery and delicious foods.

then if you want to eat more buttery and delicious food, then turn the bread into french toast. i'm just telling you now... its really, really good.

tomorrow- alabama bound!

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