Sunday, September 25, 2011

farm to easel

last weekend on our way back from denver, my mom and i stopped in wyoming for an annual art workshop held by a foundation started by my uncle after my aunt died. she was an amazing artist and this workshop is a way to keep her talent alive. there were about 150 artists(all over the age of 45) at the workshop and they were all so fun! put that many artists in a town of nine hundred people and something is bound to explode. everyday people went out to lakes to ranches with an easel, paints and a paintbrush and made the most beautiful art. i got out one day to try to paint but it didn't really go very well. i'm just not a painter--not naturally at least.

we stopped in yellowstone on the way and it was absolutely breath taking. one of the craziest places i have ever been to. i mean, steam exploding from pools of water spontaneously throughout the day...yeah, its weird--but a cool kinda weird. a scary kinda weird too.

the first thing my mom told me in wyoming was, " we are seeing a moose before we leave." we didn't see a moose that whole week we were there until the last day as we were leaving, we saw a moose right on the side of the freeway. it was an amazing moment. it was like God gave us that little moose as a going away present. then it started walking towards the car and the little moose soon turned into a large moose--a very very large moose. we drove away after that.

and the horses really loved my mom and i.... 

let me just tell you about this little town we stayed in. it won't take long... promise i can explain in a sentence or two.

Dubois, WY, the land of cowboys and prairie hills. its almost like you have to wear cowboys boots when you're in that state. well, you never have to force me to wear cowboy boots, but it was an obligation.

see what i mean? i'm not making this stuff up.

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