Friday, September 30, 2011

fallish thoughts

i wish....i wish i could be here right now. the big sur half marathon is coming up in november and i am desperately wanting to run in it. i just started running consistently since the end of august and i'm dying to have this as my first race. i went online to see if i could sign up but its was already sold out. i never- let me tell you- never thought in my life that i would get upset over not being able to run. this is very very first for me. but its like, the half marathon of all half marathons. who wouldn't want to run on this road?! silly question, i know. but seriously. i guess as a running virgin i have to start with the little leagues and work my way up to something like this. but oh the dreams i have.(the first of these dreams- the very very first)

                               maybe i'll just go anyway and cheer on the runners while i stay in these.

                                                                  oh, the california coast...

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