Monday, September 5, 2011

14,440 feet

yesterday morning, my brother, his friend peter and i got up at 3am to hike a 14er--mt elbert. its the tallest mountain in Colorado, and definitely the tallest i have ever climbed before. i was nervous to several reasons. 1. i just arrived from forty hours of traveling only a few days before this, making jet lag a very easy excuse for anything strenuous 2. gaining 4,000 feet in five miles is intimidating in general 3. you can blame altitude for almost anything physical out here. 4. i was just really out of shape. lets just be honest. 

we drove two hours into the Colorado mountains and got to the base, which was about 10,000 feet, right when the sun was rising. and can i also just say that it was 20 degrees that morning...normal for Coloradans but not so normal for some one who has been living in uganda. just sayin.
 we started right away into the cold, crisp morning and it was absolutely breath-taking. we would stop every five minutes just to look at the view and say, " this is stupid pretty."

 this is about half way up the mountain. i can't feel my legs at this point and altitude sickness is just starting to take its course. but look at the view! thin air just can't beat that view.
 it doesn't really look like it, but i'm dying here...along with my head, stomach, shoulders and i think my legs. but like i said 1,000 feet earlier, i can't really feel those anymore.
 about five hours later we hit the summit. we were all pretty happy at this point.

 there is seriously nothing like being at the top of a mountain. yes, your oxygen level decreases significantly, but who cares! it was one of the most beautiful views i have ever seen. we ate and socialized with some of the other people up there. the justin bieber dance was also a hit at 14,000 feet. ( kivu folks, the video is coming soon)

it was a long, hard and strenuous day, but it was also one of the most amazing ones. the views were spectacular and now i am sold on living in Colorado. who wouldn't want to climb mountains all of the time right? yeah, silly question.

14er number one conquered, now fifty-two more to go!

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  1. oh. my. gosh.

    i'm crying inside. this is amazing. you are amazing. you are the coolest 15 year old i know.