Monday, August 15, 2011

one last week!

This is the last week of my final stay in uganda. i have mutual feelings because this is the place that i have had to call home for the past year. i will have to say a goodbye to the relationships i have built and the people i have come to love. i will never forget the time where we flew over mt. Kilimanjaro or ate smores around a bomb fire with a hundred ugandan kids. i will never forget the things i baked and the ugandan food i ate. the memories i have shared with meagan and holly are endless and i will never forget the time when we drank fanta cintrons next to five volcanoes in the smoky mountains of rwanda or when we accidentally went to the Congo border instead of the Rwandan one. its been a long and hard year that has shaped me more into who God has envisioned me to be. i can only say this because He is the one who did it. He shaped me and molded me. i will never forget the memories and i will never forget uganda.

Needless to say, i am very, veryyy excited to go back to where i call home! i don't have a physical home or a physical closet or bed, but i have a community of wonderful people that i can call home. i am excited to be in the place for more than a couple of months-whether thats in san francisco or somewhere else. and i'm sooo excited to be a part of some of the most important women in my life weddings! its going to be a great and beautiful fall and i'm ready to start it. i love traveling and love seeing new things, but i think its safe to say that i'm very ready to settle down and start school again- where ever that may be. i don't know what this next year holds for me. i don't know where i will be living. i don't know what environment i'll be surrounded by. but i do know that He knows and He has it all figured out. He has my life planned in every detail and all i need to do is to be still and know that the Lord is on my side.

This next week will hold even more adventures and memories that i am excited to experience. its the last week i will be able to ride on a a bota bota or feed bananas to monkeys in the back yard. the last week to eat fresh tilapia from the nile and wear skirts and t-shirts everyday... because lets just be honest, i haven't experienced cold weather in a very very long time and i don't know how my body will with hold 50-60 degree chills...and thats just in the fall! as i get on the plane in a week i will remember all of the times i had in this beautifully tragic country. this chapter will end as i step into one of the only air conditioned buildings in uganda. i'm very anxious and excited to see what this next chapter holds for my family and i. it will continue to be a struggle, but He has put some amazing people in my life to walk beside me and share it with. i am forever grateful for what He has done in my life and will continue to do. but whatever happens, i will continue to tell myself to be still because i know that the Lord is on my side.

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