Thursday, August 25, 2011

murchison falls

just kidding! i'm not leaving for another week. plans are different, flights were changed.
therefore, i'm writing this as i listen to hips don't lie from the bar next door and inhale the fumes of burnt plastic and smelly feet. not mine, of course.
this week my parents and i got back from a beautiful place called murchison falls. its placed in northern uganda about six hours away from us. our travels cost us a grueling eight hours. but whose counting? hakuna matata right?
this was the sunrise at the beginning of our game drive.

and then, because the world wouldn't have it any other way... our car decided to stop working in the middle of our game drive...

.... while two of these guys were walking around ( see lion below)
battery died, windows stuck open, park rangers with a riffle in one hand and a phone with a justin beiber ring tone in the other.

this is africa, ya'll.

but i know what you're thinking. he doesn't look too mighty or aslan-like, does he?
don't you worry. lions really do look like aslan. this guy must be going through his awkward teenage stage. his mane is barely starting to come in and for some reason he looks like he is pregnant.

awkward tween stage.

then we took a long, but beautiful boat ride up the nile to the bottom of murchison falls.

basking by the pool while reading the hunger games. it really can't get much better than that.

but really, it can't.

chaco tanning while waiting for the ferry.
at the end of our trip we went up to the top of murchison falls, which was one of the most beautiful views in uganda. the pictures just don't do it justice.

then our car broke down again. are we really that predictable?


  1. Wow! What a great trip. I love your photos. You really are a great photographer!

  2. Ok. We are heading to Africa soon....where is that pool? My daughter would just die if she saw that?! Loving your blog.

  3. paraa lodge at murchison falls! thank you