Tuesday, August 16, 2011

monkey business

Remember when i said i would have lots of adventures this week?
Well, this is one of them! his name is Humphrey. he is a baby. and he is the cutest monkey i have ever seen.
I haven't seen a lot of monkeys in person...but if i had, this would be the cutest. Joe, a guy who works with COG got the news that his little brother had found a little monkey in the woods. When i found this out i had a minor panic because,
1. we have been trying to find slash capture a monkey for the past ten months
2. its a baby. and that's all that needs to be said

The next day we were driving to Joes and a few hours later he was drinking milk and eating mangos in the back yard. it feels a little wrong keeping a wild monkey in the backyard, but his mother abandoned him...so i guess its humane to give it a home...right? i don't even know if he will be a permanent part of the compound, but for now he is my friend... a friend who bites me when i try to pick him up and pees when he gets nervous.

but your friends do that right?

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