Monday, August 22, 2011

fun times with humphrey

humphrey is getting a lot more friendly. he had his first skype date with my brother last week. it was great until he got nervous and peed on my back...which was not so funny. i had a slight panic attack and thought i was going to get some weird disease from monkey urine. then i took a forty-five minute shower scrubbing myself raw until i realized that i was being a little dramatic for taking a forty-five minute shower after a monkey peed on me. then after that i went on the internet looked up " weird african diseases from monkey urine"<--- yes, i googled it. it turns out there is nothing i should be concerned about. 
 anyways, i'm alive and well and humphrey just chills in the back yard, looking as cute as ever. 

he eats mangos and sleeps in the tree. everyday.

i don't know why, but he loved my rain boots.

and i don't know what he is doing here, but he looks stinkin cute doing it.

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