Sunday, July 3, 2011

dear meagan,| they're dropping like flies!

                                                   i want to take a walk down memory lane...
                                                                       wanna join me?

 hhuhhh, do you remember that time when 'hakuna matata' was part of our daily vocabulary instead of only using it to quote the lion king?
what a glorious five days it was.

and that time at Carmel... you know the place

 this is when you were bigger than me. i don't even remember that.

 you're going to killllllll me for this, but i HAD TO!!!! the pictures were taunting me, meagan!
 in yearssss down the road we are both going to laugh at this together. i promise!

you remember it, i remember it. our battle wounds remember it. good times,

                         (can we just acknowledge the fact that meagans foot is under the branch?)

and i can't forget my first and last auburn football game! WAR EAGLE baby!

 oh, and when baby josephine also peed on you. her laugh makes up for it though.

am i right?

 i am lost for words...
this is in the thousand splendid hills of rwanda. fanta citrooonnns(you know the accent) all the way!

 do you also remember when your fiance went bungee jumpinnggg??

.... and we went down the more sensible way.

wait, i did just say FIANCE.... again!!!
and YES, meagan and holly did get engaged within a week of each other.
but would the world really have it any other way??

                              ( future doctor and aerobics instructor right here ladies and gentlemen)

Meagan! You're getting married and i don't really know what do at the moment. its killing me that i'm on the other side of the country on this very, very special day. But i'm sooooo happy for you and i think you're the most wonderful sister any sister could ask for! i cannot wait to see you and Tim again soon! what an-oh, happy day!- that will be! it makes me so happy to see you happy! I love you sis, more than anything. Mwah!

love, cassidy.

Tim, you did well.

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