Wednesday, June 29, 2011

dear holly,

remember that time we spent good friday eating sweet potatoes and g-nut sauce with the girls?
we sure did have a swell time.

 Oh! and that time when Babu put fruit stars on your face- eh hem, and upper chest?
what a flirt!
ha! and you can't forget when he made you stick that plant up your nose that gave you severe snot rockets.
( i have the pictures, but luckily for you i will not show the world what that actually looks like)

.... then we stood on the equator? you remember that? that was no big deal or anything.
but oh the latrines we almost went in and the number of digestives we ate. one too many.
one too many.

oh my gosh, and that time when baby Josephine peed on your shirt... and you just said, " i'll wash it off when i get home."
hakuna matata, eh?!

and you can't forget the time we made homemade buttermilk pancakes!

.... with Chase


                                                              boy oh boy does time fly!!
Holly.... you're getting married! Gosh i'm so, so happy for you! i hope this is more exciting for you than it is weird for me. Just months ago we were playing banana, i mean matoke grams and making canned peach pies with latticed tops together. it sure was fun being with you for those five months! unfortunately all good things must come to an end, but i cannot wait to see you soon and at your freaking wedding!! you're amazing and will make a beautiful bride! love yah! mwah!

Holly, you're getting married!
sorry, just in case you forgot.

with much love, Cassidy

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