Friday, May 20, 2011

Ah Rroommaa!!!

These past couple of weeks have been soooo crazy that i haven't even been able to share my time in Rome!

What was i thinking?

Now i didn't take tons of pictures because,
1. There were people everywhere! We went at the beginning of tourist season, which was a not so good idea on our part and not an advanced photo-shopper so i wouldn't know how to take them out of the picture. Sorry!
2. I was too distracted! I mean for goodness sakes, i was in the pasta capitol of the world! Sometimes you just gotta enjoy where you are and not worry about documenting it.
3. I was having a little trouble twirling my pasta carbarnara and taking a picture at the same time.
Its hard work! know, eating and all.

*I have to share one disclamer though. Rome is realllyyy touristy. Its the new york of europe i'm sad to say. If i were to ever go back to Italy i would definitely go somewhere like naples or another small town. But if your into the whole sight seeing type of thing.... go. If you're not.... still go.

                                                     Thats how its done, everybody.

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