Monday, April 11, 2011

I'm back!

Well, i arrived back in good ol' Uganda a few days ago with sore feet and overweight baggage. The trip was absolutely amazing. It was hard to come back to dirty air and line cutters. Its always hard to adjust when coming back here...its a whole different world. For instance, i had been waiting for fifteen minutes in the Ugandan customs line when my turn finally came and five men just went right in front of me. This is completely normal here and something that us, "mzungus" have to get around. But after saying goodbye to modern society and my friends, then taking a nine hour flight with at least six babies sitting in a 4 row radius of me, this was something that set me off. When i passed the "Welcome to Uganda" sign in the airport, i was pretty far from content. I was amazed at how quickly you get accustomed to paved roads and big grocery stores, then acquire drastic changes again in less than eight days. Its overwhelming.

But all complaints aside, the trip was so, so great. It was spent eating bread, bread, and more bread. Oh! And we ate some cheese and crepes along the way. I was in utter bliss.

                                                AND i ate my first strawberry in eight months.
                                           Then i ate another one, then another. It was beautiful.

                                                 Then we ate ice cream like there was no tomorrow.

                       And we walked until our feet feel off. I felt no shame in eating that ice cream. No shame.

The trip was so amazing. My friends are amazing. Well, food is pretty much amazing. Saying goodbye was not so amazing, but i was comforted to know that in only a couple of months will i be able to see them again. 
(News!... i will be going back to America in four weeks for the summer.)
 Until then, i'm in Uganda, they're in America. And life goes on!

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