Tuesday, April 26, 2011

easter weekend

                                                    Happy Easter!!! Better late than never!
This weekend was a joyful one. On Good Friday we made hot cross cookies, which were absolutely amazing if i do say so myself. I have never had the real hot cross buns before, but if i have, i would never want to go back. The cookies are the real deal.

 Then we brought the cookies over to one of the mentors house and had a girls lunch. It was probably one of the best Ugandan meals i have ever had. But i can't really say much because the girls catered to our american taste-buds. It was delicious non the less.

The rest of the weekend was restful...just what we needed. I read the first book i have read in a long time. Then i finished it three days later.
And thats when i got into my kindle frenzy. It all started on Easter. I guess i have Jesus to thank for that.

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