Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"No way duuudddeee"

My sister recently told me that i need to post every single thing in my life here in Uganda. But i've realized, everything in my life for the past 4 weeks has consisted of Susan and Jovan. Thats it.
Tomorrow they are officially leaving for America with their new family and i'm going to have a hard time adjusting, to say the least. The first day they came onto the compound, they were a couple of cute kids. But now, they feel like they are apart of the family. I'm going to miss them so much. Their smiles alone will turn a crappy day into a day filled with joy and peace. Its nearly impossible to feel sad or alone when they are in a room. Ya'll, they have changed my life. 
So to Jonathan, Heather and Emily: I wish you all the best in Indiana. These kids are such a blessing to your family and i cannot imagine God's plan any more perfect. Your going to have so much fun experiencing many "firsts". First snow day, first time eating a hamburger, first time not having to worry about typhoid or malaria. Its been a long and difficult adoption process, but its all over. You did it! You now officially get to take the two most beautiful kids on the planet back to your home. Congrats! The happiness you have brought Susan and Jovan is indescribable i'm sure. 
So, to wrap things up, here is one last picture of Susan and Jovan before they become official US citizens! Woah baby! Those are some good lookin kids right there....

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  1. Precious pictures! Those big beautiful eyes will probably look bigger when they travel the big USA! How blessed they are!!! There has to be other little beauties among the masses. God will lead you to them OR they to YOU!
    So wonderful reading your postings. The hike must have been a bit 'o work!!! I agree with Meagan --- so many interesting journeling opportunities....and MUCH to 'show 'n tell'
    'til next time....'cherrio' with love Mammaw