Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sipi Falls

Day after day, week after week, my parents and i find ourselves very busy we barely have enough time to breath. With the office being exactly 7 feet away from our house, most days are spent sitting at the computer with people constantly greeting you, asking you questions and/or trying to catch a monkey in your back yard---that would be me. So to get away from this hectic lifestyle, the Gibson three decided to go up to Sipi falls. Aka, God's way of showing off. Seriously y'all, this place is breath-taking.
The first day we went on a (what was supposed to be a short hike), turned into a long, strenuous(not surprising since i have been eating twice as many foods as i was in the states) hike. But it was well worth it!
The next day had me going on a whirl-wind. I get so happy every time i talk about it! It went like this: i got up, had a delicious three course breakfast, got into my "fall" clothes and snuggled up by the fire and read Harry Potter while drinking tea and hot chocolate. Alllllll ddayyyyy. If you don't know this already from my previous post, but i'm a fall/winter kinda gal. Its who i am. Its what i love. I love being cozy. Being in Uganda we don't get much...what am i saying? ANY cold-like weather. So its was such a treat for me. It was cold and rainy the whole entire day. My feet were freezing! I can't even remember the last time my feet were cold! I was, indeed, a happy camper.

---notice the goat in the back round. Just sayin.---
I'm a firm believer in alone time...and thats exactly what we got. Quality alone time. This weekend was filled with laughter, happiness, and overall pure bliss.

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