Sunday, October 17, 2010

My thoughts...

Today i want to talk about my feelings towards fluorescent light bulbs...
Not only do they make your skin look ten times more pale than it actually is, but they are everywhere in Uganda! And when i mean everywhere, i mean everywhere....not to mention everywhere in my house. It took me two days and four stores just to find the right light bulb for the lamp in my room. But when the light bulb didn't screw on properly, and i had to find out that we had to get a new one....which meaning i had to keep using my fluorescent light bulb, i wanted to cry like a small, disturbed child. But, i controlled myself until the day came when i finally got my very own warm frosted colored light bulb! I was in utter bliss. Who knew i would be so ecstatic over a light bulb?

i feel that fluorescent light bulbs were the biggest mistake made on this earth. if there were a movement on destroying every single fluorescent light bulb on this planet, i would be the first one to sign up! word on the subject, i'm not the fluorescent light bulb's biggest fan, to say the least.

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  1. Yes, Cassidy, I'm convinced you do NOT like the fluorescent light bulbs!!! i dare to say, they may be with us to stay. Also, i must post, the 'daylight' magnifier helps these 'older' eyes i use with projects. wish you could see the dangling earrings i made using corn candy! the candy needed several 'dippings' in clear project!!! loovvvveee reading your blogspots....lloooovvvveeee U 2