Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Caroline and Josephine

When I uploaded these two pictures, I had a little idea of what I was going to write about them. But now that they are right in front of my face, i have no clue anymore. I mean, how can someone talk about such opposites like these? All the way from a girl who has absolutely nothing in her life, as well as in her stomach, to a girl who gets anything and everything she wants in life. It’s not the principle of society to blame for these girls, it’s the actions society takes, or doesn't take, that brings these girls into their state of being. Life doesn't have to be as dramatic as these two pictures....or at least as ridiculous as them....


-Meet Caroline and Josephine. They are nearly 3 years old and are about 10 pounds-

We found these two in the village about 15 minutes from Jinja. When we drove up to their hut i didn't know what i was expecting. But when i saw these two girls sitting on the ground, my heart sank. They are 3 years old and cannot even stand up on their feet. If they tried, their legs would shake continuously. Their arms were the too skinny for comfort and they had bugs all around their body. To make matters worse (really), one of them is HIV positive.

Their grandmother, who they are staying with, cannot provide nutritious food for them. They will eat some posha, which has NO nutritious value in it what so ever, every once in a while. We fed them enough plumby'nut for about a week, but we knew that wouldn't be enough for how mal nourished they are.

ServingHisChilren is going to take them under their wing and hopefully rehabilitate them back to their normal health again

.....I hope and pray that they won't be too late. These girls are in too poor of health and might not make it out of the hole they are in. We are praying that they will make it to grow up and live a life that they deserve, but given the state, we are just not sure. We are hoping and praying. That’s all we can do at this point.....


  1. Cassidy,
    I am pretty sure I've already told you, (or maybe it was your mom or Meagan) I LOVE your blog! I am obsessed with it! You are so good at bringing us into what your life is like in Uganda in a straight forward and refreshingly honest way. I think you have a gift for writing. Hoping we can come see you guys.
    Love to you and your mom and dad~
    Pam (and John and clan) :)

  2. Cassidy - do you know by any chance if this is the two kids I saw when I went with Diana to see a guardian? I would be so happy to know they are being taken care of!