Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Autumn Bliss

Oh, my dear friends. How i envy your coats, leaf piles(that you just can't seem to get rid of, no matter how many times you rake them up), delightful breads, and orange&brown festivities. Today it was 85 degrees here in Jinja and i was sweating profusely. My wishes are to teleport. So i could snap my fingers into the cold (yet, not winter like) environment. Just perfect enough to wear something like this, or this. Either one. Where the house smells a little something like pumpkin or maybe even a dash of cinnamon. Hmm, yes. That's what i would do.Today threw myself a little pity party for myself and spent 3 hours watching Friday Night Lights. Thanks for the advice Meagan, now i have no life. There was nothing more in this world that i wanted than to go on an afternoon hike (long-sleeved shirt, of course). Then after have a few friends over and watch P.S I love You while eating a whole bag of candy corn. Wishing Wishing. When i woke up from day dreaming i decided to pick myself up and make me some pumpkin bread. Just to torture myself a lil bit more. Weeellll long story short, when that didn't work out i went back into my room and turned on P.S I love You. I had the fan on full blast, curtains closed, and body under my covers. Snuggling up to what i wish was October. Trying to make it justice.
....anyway, for that time being, it felt a little like Autumn bliss.

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