Wednesday, September 29, 2010


So i've been sitting at my desk doing my schoolwork for about an hour with the computer sitting right in front of me(bad choice). To make matters more difficult, its 9pm and i'm starting school...(another bad choice on my part). Sooooooo being Cassidy Gibson i stopped what i was doing and went on facebook slash my blog.
But then i got to thinking. As i'm sitting here writing to you all(not doing my homework), there are kids right down the street who could only dream of doing school work. Unfortunantly, living in a third-world country most of the kids don't get that privilege. Privilege!?!? Since when was school a privilege?....where i'm from people dreaaddd going to school every morning! Here, kids LOVE going to school.
(The schools here are very different though. Kids go to school from seven in the morning till six at night. All that long day of school must mean they learn a lot right? not. They sit for hours and hours copying off a chalkboard. Writing and writing. Writing notes to study for tests. They don't learn ANYTHING. They write and copy just to get a good grade on the test, but that never helps in the long run.)
Sooommmee may say thats not necessarily a bad thing. But if they don't learn anything, they will have a harder time getting a job. If they can't get a job and make a living for themselves, they will get stuck in the sammee cycle their parents, grandparents, great grandparents got it. You grow up doing nothing, then have childen who you can't provide for, which by they way don't go to school either and can eventually starve because you're too busy trying to get yourself food. Then they grow up and do the same thing. On and on, generation to generation.
These kids need to go to a proper school that will give them the right education. They have so much potential. Its a waste of amazing kids. Thats why we are thankful for COG, to pay for their education so they can get out of the cycle and do something with their lives. Thanks Children of Grace. Thank you Mary Ann. You have changed litterally hundrens of lives! You're truely amazing!

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  1. Cassidy, I so enjoy your site. Your picture on "Little Seed, Little Water" is awesome...your writing is also!!!
    Hope i can get this to Post!!!
    Thinking of you always.

    Mammaw (Polly)