Friday, September 10, 2010

A New Beginning my FIRST day in a new place i'd like to call home. For the next 2 years my parents and i will be living in Jinja, Uganda. Not exactly what you call Danville CA, but yes, i do live in a house, not a hut(to answer some of your questions).... with all the basic necessities of living a comfortable life.

....About 6 months ago, my parents decided that they were going to leave their stereotypical suburban home in Northern California, and go and do something with their lives. After visiting Uganda on short-term mission trips, my parents instantly fell in love it with. (Being here 24 hours, i've noticed that its pretty hard not to.) They are working with an organization called Children of Grace. This non-profit sponsors over 700 AIDS/HIV orphans. Two weeks ago i packed up my life in two, 25 gallon boxes and left to the other side of the WORLD."

" My soul will be filled with rich foods. And my mouth praises You with lips of joy."-Psalm 63:5

Given the situation, i'm a little( a lot) out of my comfort zone and would love LOVE your thoughts and prayers. Pray that God will open my eyes and show me what I need to see. That I will be uncomfortable when I see the things I see. Pray that God will help me love those who don't know what love is. Pray for safety on me and my parents. But most of all, pray for the kids in Uganda. Nearly 1.5 MILLION orphans are walking the streets as we speak, with no one to love them, to care for them. They didn't choose to get obandoned by their parents, live on their own, with no one to love them. 700 sponsored may seem like a lot, but not compared to the other 1.2 million out there...

....It wasn't my decision to come here, but I know now why God put it on my parents to do so. There is so much more to life than getting the newest clothes, ipods, computers. Coming here enlightened my eyes to people who don't even know what ipods are, but they are just as, or more happy than anyone I have seen in California. God brought me here to not only help, but to just purely love on the kids. They need love, support, and someone to be proud of them.

" For I was hungry and You gave me food to eat. I was thirsty and You gave me water to drink. I was a stranger and You gave me a room. I had no clothes and You have me clothes to wear. I was sick and You cared for me. I was in prison and You came to save me."- Matthew 25:25-26

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  1. Cassidy i miss you so much!! i hope you are having fun in Uganda and i will be praying for you!!