Friday, September 17, 2010

Leaving you Speechless

Today, i was sitting at my computer when a little girl and a woman came to the door. Many people come for appointments and meetings so i thought this was the case. It wasn't. After my mom went outside to talk to them to see why they were here, she came inside speechless. This little girl has a story. A real, raw story.
She is a 13 year old girl who is sponsored with COG. Her parents, who had died of AIDS, left her with her "grandmother". Her grandmother had a husband who continuously raped her and abused her over and over again. She had no control over this of course. Her parents are dead, her grandmother, who she later on found out that it wasn't really her grandmother, doesn't care. Now, she is a HIV positive child, with no one to turn to.
I don't understand why people do the things they do. Its disgusting. This little girl is now on a time bomb. Waiting. Waiting until she gets sick with a cold, or the flu. Waiting until those "everyday" viruses eventually kill her.
Even though these situations are frustrating and sickening, they are all part of a plan that is much greater than you and i. God's plan may not be fair to everyone, but it has a reason. His reasons don't need to be questioned. Why? Why did this happen to an innocent little girl? They need to be embraced. I'm now thankful that this girl came to us at the right time so she can get the help she needs. If it were any later, it might have been too late. She is now under the care of which she deserves. She is loved.

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