Thursday, September 30, 2010

Gibson Fambam

So i was sitting on my bed watching Gossip Girl and eating my fair share of pineapple, and i got to thinking....
.....I have an awesome family, i really do.

Two amazing brothers who look out and care for me; who would never let anything bad happen to me.
A beautiful and loving sister who is so sweet and always there for me when i need her. She is the best older sister a sister could have.

The most amazing parents a person could ask for. Besides their unconditional love for me as well as my brothers and sister, they both wear chacos AND have mastered the art of Ugandan communication, almost.
And my dog Dakoda. The most beautiful of all the Gibsons. Nothing less than a part of this family. No capuchin monkey could ever replace those big blue eyes.

.....i couldn't ask for a better family. Bravo God, Bravo.

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